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Followship Rather Than Leadership?

Followship Rather Than Leadership?

How often throughout your career have you worked for someone that you felt lacked leadership? Someone who did not align to YOUR vision of what a leader SHOULD be?

I saw a Dilbert cartoon recently that really made me think!

My AHA moment was that even though we should not have to compromise on finding (or being) inspirational leaders WE also need to learn to be good followers. Quite frankly - we often (or hardly ever) get to work for leaders that have been taught to lead or have a passion for self improvement or development.

I can look myself in the mirror and confess that I have not always been a good follower and given those I worked for a chance to lead in their own way. There have been times where I have been so focused and frustrated by the leader....and what I perceived leadership to be..... that I lost sight of being the best follower I could be.

My thought process at this stage in my career is the following...

1) Be the leader you would want to work for regardless of who you are working for

2) Be the best follower you can be and make your boss as successful as you can. Their success is ultimately your success

3) If you are SO frustrated...disillusioned...or can't stomach the lack of leadership that the idea of making your boss successful makes you want to throw up a little in your mouth... FIND A WAY TO LEAVE....quickly (easier said than done...I know). No amount of "followship" classes or "waiting it out for things to change" will fix it

YOU are never the victim and YOU always have choices no matter how many stories you try to tell yourself. Only you can change YOU or your circumstances!

Leadership questions of the week for YOU: What was your AHA moment or thoughts from the Dilbert cartoon? Have YOU ever looked back on circumstances where you felt you worked for a bad leader and can now see how you were also a bad follower? What do you think of the three pieces of advice above? Would you add any or change any?

Thanks for reading and remember....YOU make a difference!

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