Hello, my name is Marcie White

I am a leadership junkie and self professed over-thinker currently based in Phoenix,Arizona (via Nova Scotia Canada). 

After 25+ years in various industry verticals ranging from Engineering to Global Relationship Management....and working with teammates in countries all over the world...I  firmly believe that YOU can make a difference...and together WE can make an even bigger difference.  It sounds simple when  you say it...but many of us underestimate our ability to do great things in our personal life and our professional lives.

This blog shares stories and observations impacting our leadership journey from the family room to the boardroom.  It is the everyday interactions and examples that sometimes happen in the "moments in between"...when we are not necessarily paying attention...that our big "AHA" moments happen.

Each offering ends with "Leadership Questions for YOU" to encourage YOU to reflect and connect the dots to your own journey.  I hope you will keep the conversation going on each topic by liking, sharing or commenting.  It is through these interactions that we learn and grow!